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Another lemon painting - Less is more - When you make it worse

I did a still life of lemons in my art class and was pretty happy with the results (that's the one I have on my site). We had two more sessions with the lemon still life so I thought I'd do another one from the same angle. I just wanted to practice doing the folds on the cloth which I still have no real understanding of yet. Since I didn't have that much time, the first class I did a quick version of the painting in about two hours. This is what came out...

When I came back the second week and looked at the results, I really liked where it had ended up. Not in skill or style but it just looked fresh and alive. I had one more session before the still life would change so I started working on it. Here is where it ended up after the second session.

I wasn't happy with the results. I think I made it worse. If you like something you've done, for whatever reason, maybe it's better to just leave it the way it is, even though it's not finished in the traditional sense.

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