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Portrait color study - Progression from start to finish-ish

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

I wanted to show you the progression of one of my paintings. The art works on my site are almost all from live models or still lifes. The painting below, however, was for a homework assignment that I got from one of my portrait painting teacher.

The teacher said to take a picture and then start with two basic colors to represent the light and dark shadows in the face. I was really hesitant and didn't know how it would work. It starts out rough to say the least...

But I think having the two colors as a foundation helped as I went along.

I was happy with the end result. I wish I had spent some time on the position of the body, the neck and shoulders would have really added to it but after three hours I was worn out and worried that I'd mess up the positioning and ruin the whole thing. So I just left it like this. I took it into class and her feedback was moderately good. She said I got some good colors for the face considering the picture was washed out in shadow.

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