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The lemon painting - Progression - Working on folds

This painting was my first real attempt at folds. It was much harder than I imagined, and I already thought it would be very challenging. I would stare at the folds and try and figure out how to express the color and light transitions. I need to figure out a better method of attacking the areas where the lights go into the darks. Here is how it all unfolded (unintended but welcome pun!).

I'm mostly happy with the finished product except for the lemon on the left. I wish I had kept the dramatic darker shadows on the lemon that I had in the previous picture. Even though the dark green shadow didn't seen accurate on the lemon itself, I like the look of it more in the painting. I didn't want to go back in after I had worked on it for some time because the colors were starting to become too muddy. So I stopped at some point and decided to leave it more subdued.

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